From the album "Matter Over Mind"
Music and lyrics by Jay Spangler
©2018 Sky Tide Music (ASCAP)

Tree of knowledge
They met in college
He loved her by design
She filled in his unwritten line
He knew it was matter over mind
Like pain and pleasure
They fit together
But they failed the test of time
Real and unreal got intertwined
That's when all the stars aligned

Sing me to my sleep
While the angels weep
Angels weeping once again
Silence resting deep
Mine is yours to keep
Angels weeping once again

She punched the clock at five
And she ran to the harbor
Her clean getaway couldn't get any smarter
She's already doing the time
She might as well do the crime
And her old man will be gone
Like a lamb to the slaughter

By the time she's missed at work
She'll be in Puerto Vallarta
And her sweet jalapene
Couldn't get any hotter
Her secret buried in the shade
She'll finally have it made
Kissing on the beach
With her feet in the water

She swam out to cover her trail
To a boat anchored in the bay
The storm blew into shore
That's when lightning struck the water
And it carried her away
BOOM!  It carried her away.

And if you saw her in the news
It barely made two lines
She couldn't live two truths
She couldn't lead two lives
Chasing that dream of fools
Her schemes have been denied
Living outside the rules
But they caught her dead red-handed
It was matter over mind

Another case of Peyton Place and
Matter over mind

Matter over, matter over mind

Matter, matter over mind